Information for Trainees

Trainee Learning Zone

EKGTA is a well established training organisation and vocational assessment provider in the field of engineering.

EKGTA's Learning Zone is aimed at individuals wishing to undertake vocational skills development through an apprenticeship in engineering or a related skills programme. This Learning Zone provides for individual journeys for learners, which may follow defined but different routes with a variety of stages, yet reaching the common destination of achieving a Vocational Qualification and / or skills competence.

This zone is intended to:-

  • open up access to learning opportunities
  • provide guided learning for individuals
  • support learners' personal development needs
  • establish a means of gathering evidence of learning
  • enable assessment of learning and competency
  • enhance communications across all those involved in the Learning Zone

This zone enables you to:-

  • set up your learning journey on an individual basis
  • customise your learning route
  • define your personal learning objectives and your approach to learning
  • achieve your desired learning outcomes

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Virtual Learning Environment

EKGTA uses an open source e-learning software platform called 'Moodle' to support its VLE, and it allows the classroom and the learning experience to be extended onto the web. Various features are available for learners through the VLE including:-

  • Support of on-line learning, including access to learning resources, assessment and guidance
  • Interactive functions such as forums,chat and Wikis
  • The ability to self-assess using interactive quizzes
  • Enhancing communication networks through discussion boards and email
  • Access to learning material at any time, anywhere, provided there is and Internet connection
  • The ability for the Instructor and the Student to track progress

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Electronic Portfolio

EKGTA uses Learning Assistant, which is an e-portfolio system specifically designed for vocational training and assessment. Various features are available for learners through this e-portfolio including:-

  • The storing of evidence on-line, eliminating bulky paper portfolios
  • The upload of documentation/files that can be used as evidence of competence
  • Having instant access to supplementary learning materials and resources
  • The ability for learners to track their progress on a regular basis
  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Providing feedback to both learners and their managers

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